Friday, June 10, 2011

BIG Dope

Should we be outraged? Druggies and liars are praying on our ignorant support of their sport that’s making them rich and the system richer.
Or should we be ashamed? Funding the same druggies and liars to go about their sport in a way to make our lives more interesting, at any cost.
Are we blind to the undercurrent of deviancy and dishonor that exists in sports today, or have we simply chosen to ignore the significance it has on our lives?
Coaches tell us speed is good. Gordon Gekko tells us “Greed is Good”. Their hybrid psychology seems to be most prevalent in sport today. Nothing exceeds like excess, and we are America, the land of plenty.
Hang with me, this might be going somewhere!
Seems as though the French aren’t the only ones forever upset that Lance Armstrong dominated their beloved Tour de France. Tyler Hamilton and company threw Lance under the bike on “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago. Floyd Landis, a disgraced Tour de France winner stripped of his Tour victory, along with Lance’s ex “stud wife” (his words, not mine, from his book “It’s not about the bike”) are cooperating with FDA special agent Jeff Novitzky (the dude who tagged out Barry Bonds, and met Marion Jones at the finish line). Jeff is the type of pitbull investigator who would rather Lance NOT tell him he’s guilty. Novitzky can then crawl into his cancer free colon and make a mockery of Lance, much the way he seemed to make all those who’ve believed in him. And Novitzky don’t sound French, do it?

Here’s what gets my chamois in a wad:
As young athletes, we’re taught to be focused yet flexible; determined yet generous; perspire yet shower (ok, that was a reach). Nowhere was I taught to be deceptive yet honest. Days of yesteryear often brought friendships from competition. Today’s soulmates become inmates. Add to the yellow bracelet that Roger Clemmons, Jason Giambi and Mark McGuire never got “caught” either. These days it’s easier to spot a teenage hooker then pin these jackoffs. What am I gonna be forced to blog next? “Say Hey Willie” on amphetamines?  Please, just say it ain’t so, Joe.