Saturday, December 24, 2011



Think of this as a giant Holiday card full of thanks and wishes of warmth and cheer. Cheesy, I know, but heartfelt all the same. Speaking of cheese, you have my go-ahead to lean full steam into your favorite Gouda, Pecorino or Feta this holiday because you folks earned it. The concepts of Yin-Yang tells us that work and play are not so much opposites but rather complimentary in how they contribute to the greater dynamic that is Life.  As much as that smells of Asian Cheesy, outside of faith, no greater peace comes from anything more that exercise.  That would be Asian Cheesy Bias on my part.

So shower up and sport those plaids and argyles like the great apostles you are for exercise and wellness, cuz in my mind, you truly do make the world a better place. Now where’s that marscapone, I’m in the mood for some Tiramisu. 

Happy, Happy! Merry, Merry!