Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012: Good to GREAT!

Our goal for 2012 is to make some serious Positive Change. We already have the best members on the planet. We'd just like a few more of you. That kinda puts medicine ball is our court. It's time for us to give you more reasons than ever to tell your friends how much sense it makes for them to become a StressHead. 

From day one our club has strayed far outside the normal Big Box facilities, so we’ve constantly had to adjust our niche in they eyes of folks wanting to join a gym. Much of this effort has focused on creating a facility that compliments the type of programming we offer. We found out early that the Big Box Gym layout of mega-equipment with no floor space wouldn't work for us. We also realized that our methods of training are constantly changing, which means, to some extent, so should our facility. So with that in mind, our new equipment and floor set-up will create greater training options for everyone. We’ve added two Precor 456 Elliptical, one more Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer, Concept 2 rower and a Schwinn Airdyne bike. The end of February will bring us Jacob’s Ladder. Familiar to many yet unknown to me, the Jacob's Ladder is of Greatest Loser fame. If it can take a couple hundred off them, it can take a couple off us. Let us not forget Tonka, our larger than life retread tire with sledgehammer optional (see if they'll let you try that at The Rush!), 2 new Spri 360 steps, 8 Braided resitive tubes, 6 Versa Pro Resist-a-balls, 5 EVA textured rollers and a 55-foot Pink camo battle rope. Cardio-strength circuits will never be the same.

OK, sure we’re bragging a little, but never before in the 23 years of Positive Stress have we added so many assets at one time. Not even when we first opened. Our goal is to bring this club from good to Great. We can’t do that without you or your input. So, as always, please let us know if you like or dislike what we’re doing around here, and we’ll get things right. We want you talkin’ well about us and building our community of active members. We want you excited about what’s going on at Positive Stress Workout. Around here, new members equal new stuff, and that’s the kinda serious Positive Change we’re looking for. So please tell a friend or just forward our website and let’s keep getting better at being Great!

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